Spring is a time to check your exterior components. Today we talk about Roofs and how you may be eligible to get it fixed or replaced for no cost to you.

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Spring is starting to peek out here and there. This means that we should be getting our homes ready for exciting things that come with warmer weather… Snow will be changing to rain, so it is time to pay attention to exterior components like roofs, windows, gutters, grading, etc.

We’ve done several posts about these exterior components in the past; so today, we are highlighting the roof from a slightly different angle. If your roof has suffered damage from severe weather like wind, ice, hail, etc. your home-owner’s insurance policy should be there to protect you from having to pay for repairs or replacement yourself (except for your deductible of course).

Therefore, if we, during a home inspection, find issues, it might benefit you to check with your insurance agent even if there are no active leaks at that time. It is better to investigate and report issues before they cause more damage, and become more costly to repair. That would not only be more of an inconvenience to you, I would think your insurance company would appreciate that, too.

Since I love connecting great folks, I’m including a link RIGHT HERE for a local insurance broker. 

The link will walk you through a few easy steps to get a free quote. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much you can save, especially if you have not checked rates lately. 

Also, rates are not the only thing to compare; I think that having a reliable, easy-to-reach agent is of extreme importance. Please know that we are not affiliated in any way; I just found this to be a quick way for me to check rates for myself recently, so I wanted to pass it along. 

Here’s to being prepared!

Happy March,